Plan better and faster to grow your business

Simpleflex will save precious time you now spend planning your flex workers. You will have a better overview of your business and all your employees are always up to date.


Plan and get your workers on time at work with the transport module.


With the Simpleflex planning module, you can plan your workers efficiently.

Business Analytics

Have a perfect overview of your daily statistics and business operations.

Work more efficiently

Our clients can reduce the time to plan and inform all workers by up to 63%.

Optimize processes

Many clients still used Excel or other solutions. This is time consuming and increases the chance of mistakes. By automating processes like informing your workers, you can plan faster and have everyone up to date in no time.

Made for flex companies
  • Simpleflex has been developed for flex companies. We implemented all the essiential modules to make the processes more efficient and faster.

  • All modules are working together, for example: based on your planning Simpleflex knows which workers don't have transport to work. They are automaticly added to the transport list in the transport module so everyone gets to work.

Business analytics
  • Know where people are working, if they are at work and how they got to work. All in 1 system.

  • Hour registration is also possible, let your workers clock in and the work hours are registered automaticly.

  • In the dashboard, all data is displayed in a clear overview so you are on top of things.


Plan your workers with the planning module.


Get your workers at work the most efficient way and on time.

Hour registration

Let your workers clock in and register working hours automatically.


Manage your worker profiles and always have all required information up to date.


Flex workers planned


Time savings


Hours registred

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